Industry needs Education needs Industry

*Students learn better when the tasks at hand are authentic and relevant.*
*Industry is in constant search of talent with the requisite skillset.*

AUTHENTIC EDUCATION CONSULTING works with industry and education to determine where authentic and skills-building content could be brought  to the public education system to benefit students on their paths to careers. 
INDUSTRY can work with public education to have an impact on skills delivery, career awareness and, ultimately, the talent pipeline. EDUCATION can benefit incorporating authentic industry content to make the  curriculum more relevant and responsive to the changing needs of the workforce.  YOUTH must be better prepared to pursue careers, post-secondary or other, that are in line with the economic realities of where they live.
Let AUTHENTIC EDUCATION CONSULTING help. We can leverage our experience and networks to help forge the partnerships necessary for a sustainable relationship between Public Education and Industry.

Who Are We?

INDUSTRY and EDUCATION have always relied on each other but have traditionally kept each other at arms length. Educational policy has long been designed to achieve this. Schools have been allowed to evolve at a snail's pace without ever having felt the urgency that industry is constantly faced with. Therefore the pace of change in the needs of industry has far outstripped that of education's ability to keep up. A skills mismatch was inevitable. 

Recently, there has been a shift in conventional wisdom. It is rapidly being accepted that public education (K-12) is actually a fundamental driver of the economy.  Therefore, it must be responsive to the needs of the workplace and indeed the economy; both of which continue to evolve. Education needs to learn the flexibility and agility of industry. Public education needs mechanism for nimbly responding to the ever changing skillsets demanded by the workplace; and Industry has the answers.  If only there was a way to bring the needs of industry and the mission of public education together without compromising the principles of either.

AUTHENTIC EDUCATION CONSULTING does just that. We have over 60 years of combined experience across the spectrum of public education from teaching to policy work. We know the system, how it works, and what's possible. We have a track record of innovation and brokering partnerships between industry and education with an eye to talent pipeline recruitment and student success.

It is possible for industry to have a seat at the education table and to work with the system to help develop employability skills through the existing curriculum. Education has the means and mechanisms to prepare our youth for the workforce of tomorrow.  Coincidentally, this is just what industry also needs.  Partnership would seem beneficial, imperative even.

AUTHENTIC EDUCATION CONSULTING will work with you in forging relationships that will benefit our youth and our economy as public education and industry realize the obvious synergies that come from working together.






 Our Team

The team at AUTHENTIC EDUCATION CONSULTING consists of two people at its core with a host of other professionals in a variety of disciplines standing at the ready to lend their skills to the various aspects of our work. Our network is far reaching, varied and extremely knowledgeable. Contact us and start the conversation of how we can help your organization form the education/career development partnerships necessary to meet its talent pipeline requirements.

William Kierstead - Education/Workforce Strategist
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A 33 year educator who has held positions across the education spectrum from classroom teacher to school and district level administration. He has also worked directly with upper level Ministry management as the Director for 21st Century Research. He has also worked with education from a business development perspective and has been instrumental in creating partnerships between public education and industry that have helped transform closely held paradigms.

Brian Gray - Partnership and Innovation Specialist
A career educator who has also held posts at the university level and most recently, 17 years in public education at the ministry level where his responsibility ranged from curriculum in skilled trades and technology to innovation and partnerships. Brian is a tireless advocate for education and industry working together for the benefit of students. He has been able to alter the course of public education in his home province through his proven track record of innovation and challenging the status quo.

What People Are Saying...

"Bill Kierstead and Brian Gray are a formidable education team. They are laser focused on providing progressive learning opportunities and solutions to learners and school administrators. Often using digital technologies to enable learning, they are well versed in the latest pedagogies and technological applications and solutions. They are highly skilled collaborators who simply wish to provide today’s students with a meaningful, modern and authentic education experience."

John Kershaw -
 Leadership, Education and Workforce Development Consultant.  Former Deputy Minster of Education (NBDOE)

"Public education is a primary driver of the economy. Therefore partnerships with industry are necessary to ensure timely opportunities and career oriented learning that benefit our students and the province. Participation from the private sector allows education to be more responsive to the needs of the workplace in a time when change occurs at a breakneck pace. Authentic Education Consulting understands the value of this and that it can be done without compromising the existing principles that govern public education."

Chris Treadwell - Assistant Deputy Minister, New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD)

"Talent pipeline recruitment and workforce development are two of industry's biggest challenges. By working with public education on issues of career awareness and skills development, industry can positively impact its own future and in that of our youth. Economic development strategies must include K-12 as career decisions are made long before graduation day and it's imperative that those decisions be informed. Authentic Education Consulting has a proven track record in forging these partnerships in New Brunswick." 

Heather MacLean - Chief Communications Director, New Brunswick Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists

"The value of public education to industry is undeniable. The attitudes and passions that drive students towards careers are formed in middle school and earlier. Industry needs to take an active role in generating and securing their talent as early as is possible. Authentic Education Consulting has given this life in New Brunswick."

Jamie Rees - Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), NB Power

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