Most of our efforts are focused on providing authentic career path opportunities for students in collaboration with industry and post-secondary. Students make career decisions long before graduating from high school. Therefore the sooner they have access to accurate information, career oriented course opportunities up to and including internships, the better informed their career choices will be. Likewise, their post-secondary pursuits will be more in line with the needs of the marketplace and therefore the economy.

AUTHENTIC EDUCATION CONSULTING is currently working with post-secondary institutions, industry and public with an eye to providing post-secondary pathways that will serve to aid in the securing of a talent pipeline to support established and emerging industries. There is no reason that opportunities for synergy should not be seized upon. Fortune favours the nimble and innovative. 
Public education, post-secondary institutions and industry are working together to challenge existing paradigms and establish ground-breaking ways to achieve talent pipeline solutions for an ever demanding workplace and increasingly competitive labour market. The goal is to deliver a timely, focused approach to preparing highly skilled, degreed people to a workforce and economy that depends on them to be competitive.

Working with the cybersecurity industry ecosystem, public and post-secondary education in New Brunswick, AUTHENTIC EDUCATION CONSULTING has been integral in introducing cybersecurity content and career awareness throughout K-12  to ensure that students are adequately prepared to protect themselves against personal cyber threats. A middle school program including a Cyber Mascot have been developed as has a graphic novel that supports and reinforces the learning. Two courses co-authored with industry have been introduced a​t the high school level. Likewise extracurricular events in cyber defence have also allowed students to explore the more practical aspects of cybersecurity. This collaboration has also resulted in mentorship and internship opportunities for high school students and graduates..

AUTHENTIC EDUCATION CONSULTING has worked with public education and industry to address the geographical inequity between rural and urban areas. Recognizing that students' passions are hampered by opportunity and that this can be amplified by location, we have worked with education and industry in New Brunswick to craft a new model for career exploration that leverages technology to connect students with industry mentors of all walks. 
This has afforded opportunities formerly unavailable to students. Placements are now possible the world over on a flexible schedule. Schools benefit by being able to provide a richer range of placements in as many areas of concentration as can be imagined. Industry benefits by further securing their talent pipeline as students make informed career decisions.

AUTHENTIC EDUCATION CONSULTING is currently working to enhance the number of students enrolling in information technology and related courses in Atlantic Canadian high schools. Responding to the needs of the emerging Canadian economy, the mandate of this project is to ensure that high school students are prepared to adequately enter post-secondary programs that will ultimately lead to full participation in the Canadian economy. The first step is to align the provincial curricula with the standards accepted by industry with the goal of creating pathways of study that will result in industry accreditation.

"The number one priority for AuthenticEd is client satisfaction. That is clear from minute one. Their ability to venture "out of the box" makes them exciting to work with and the quality of their deliverables are exceptional."

Gene Fowler - Founder and CEO Loogaroo Animation and Games

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